Examples of how Migration Increases Freedom

  • When the Berlin Wall fell and East Germans were able to vote with their feet and migrate to West Germany it meant the end of Communist East Germany. Freedom clearly increased for East Germans. It also increased for West Germans in terms of travel, trade and opportunities. Berlin

  • When young people leave Mexico and vote with their feet to move to the USA they do it to increase their liberty and economic freedom. The people who should be most worried about this are the people running the Mexican government. If this migration were well managed, rather than restricted, it would also increase freedom for American citizens. Mexico

  • Haiti is one of the poorest and worst run countries in the world. If 100,000 Haitians were allowed to emigrate to the USA each year and work their freedom would increase and so would the beneficiaries of all the remittances they sent back to Haiti. Remittances are better dramatically better than foreign aid. Haiti

  • Cuban immigrants have made Miami, Florida a vibrant successful city. The Cubans who left Havana have increased their personal and economic freedom but those who remain are stuck with a repressive government and a stagnant economy. Maybe if we learned from the Berlin Wall and offered asylum to everyone who wanted to leave Cuba the Castro brothers would have to end their disastrous policies. Cuba

  • Immigration policy could be used by South Korea to increase the freedom of people in North Korea. They could offer immediate citizenship and resettlement assistance to all of the North Koreans who now live as illegals in China and to all who can get there in the future. North Korea