RI 2013 Evaluation

Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:54

Our objective is to provide “tools to change minds about immigration.” In 2013 we did the best work we have ever done but it wasn't enough to get the real job done.



Immigration reform was the main objective of our movement in 2013 and it failed to even get a vote in the House of Representatives. Antipathy toward the undocumented although decreasing remains alarmingly high. Here is what Rational Immigration did in support of immigration this year:

  • We published fact sheets on more than 100 Immigrant Heroes on Facebook and on our web site.

  • We created and published almost 50 Immigration Quote memes with graphics.

  • Published 14 posts about immigration related issues on RationalImmigration.com

  • Finished the short film Struggling to Survive and released it on YouTube.

We must be doing something right. In January 2013 Rational Immigration had less than 200 fans on Facebook now it has more than 2000. But we didn't change enough minds to get many Republican Congressmen to change theirs. Many of the new likes were from a very successful advertising campaign.

Rational Immigration 2014 Plan

  • We will keep providing and promoting “tools to change minds about immigration.”

  • We will know it has worked if the Congress passes an immigration reform bill that includes a pathway to citizenship and continued high levels of immigration.

  • Simon will attend at least five immigration reform events and speak at two.

  • We will make at least 250 posts on FB and 20 or more posts on RationalImmigration.com.

  • Have at least two posts that go viral (more than 5000 hits) and more than 50 shares of our posts.

  • Although we are not primarily political we will continue to support political groups by making phone calls attending rallies and contributing when we can.