How to create “Illegal Immigrants”?

Saturday, 07 December 2013 16:52

First you pass a law that says in effect “you can't move here unless you look like me.”


Second you call people who ignore the law and move anyway “illegal”.



Come on folks. It is the law that is illegal not the people.


I know that many of you don't see it this way but it looks to me like the legacy people (the indigenous) are passing laws that don't pass the smell test. Try applying our immigration laws to race, religion or gender instead of to birthplace and you will see what I mean.


We issue permanent resident visas to about one third of one percent of our population each year. At Rational Immigration we want to increase that to one percent. (read more details here) If we do it right our country will thrive and the whole world will benefit. Borders that are more open will give the United States a huge competitive advantage over restricitionist countries.