Stop the Delusions

Monday, 18 November 2013 16:38

We have a lot of people in this great country who are deluding themselves.  One of the leading groups in the self delusion are older, middle class, conservatives.    This article is intended as a wake-up call for you. First please know that I am one of you and yes there are problems in the world today, the economy isn't very strong and the young people want to change things.  But lets be honest we are a big part of the problem.

Here is a fact. Most of us are old. It is hard for old people to find jobs.  It always has been. It is time to stop complaining about President Obama and how he is ruining the economy and destroying jobs.

Here is another fact.  As a group we didn't have enough children to finance our retirement and we sure didn't save enough.

Which leads me to fact three. Our only hope for having a comfortable retirement in a safe and growing country is to allow in a lot of immigrants starting right now.  Young, hard working, tax paying immigrants are the best available solution for the fact that the Medicare and Social Security programs are about to run out of money.

And the best first step in this process?  Hold your noses and support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.