Securing the Border Against Dishwasher

Monday, 29 April 2013 14:07

Who do we think we are, telling people that where they were born determines where “we’ will let them live? This doesn't even come close to passing the “smell test,” stinking as it does of racism, elitism and xenophobia.





But you say, “What about the right of the settled, the citizen?” Here’s the answer: the settled shouldn't have to pay for the resettlement of immigrants or for their support. We can write a law for that. But no fair, honest, ethical (choose a word) law should prohibit a young man from washing dishes in Pasadena, California, merely because he was born in Hermosillo, Mexico.


Harry Binswanger, a libertarian and a Forbes contributor, wrote an article last month titled Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is Not Enough, They Deserve An Apology, that is definitely worth reading.It is full of memorable lines, among them, “Freedom of travel is a right...possessed by every human being.”


A major reason that the immigration reform debate is so contentious is that the entire structure of immigration control is based on false premises. It is simply not our right to tell people that they cannot live here because they weren't born here. Conservatives say; “We have to secure the borders before we allow the currently undocumented a pathway to citizenship,” and liberals say; “We have to form a commission to determine the right level of future immigration.” People on both sides need to wake up! In reality, we are talking about a dishwasher who wants to wash dishes in Pasadena. He has that right, so leave him alone.