Time to Apologize

Friday, 22 February 2013 14:40

Dear Congressman Rohrabacher,

As a life long Republican with libertarian and egalitarian leanings, I was very embarrassed—and also a tiny bit pleased—to hear that you lost your temper with Jessica Bravo, a young lady who visited your office on February 6, 2013, when you discovered that she was “undocumented.”

I was embarrassed because nobody should be yelled at for something they cannot control. You wouldn't yell at someone because they have red hair. And you shouldn't yell at someone because their parents moved their child here. You should apologize.

I was a little bit pleased because your anger at this young girl is a clear indicator that your position on immigration is wrong. As W.E.B. Griffith said, “You get the maddest when you are the wrongest.” So losing your cool is an indicator to me that you have run out of rational arguments and have to resort to bluster. You need to apologize.

There are lots of good political and economic arguments for allowing the currently undocumented to earn legal status. There are no arguments in favor of the status quo that don't sound jingoistic, xenophobic, irrational, or at the very least unrealistic. Intuitively you already know this, and losing your temper with Jessica Bravo shows how shallow anti-immigrant arguments are.

For the sake of the Republican Party and the country, you MUST apologize.