Ten Things We are Doing Wrong on Immigration

Saturday, 29 December 2012 13:34
  • Detentions (Keeping people in jail without real hearings because they moved without permission.  Really.  Is this okay?);

  • Deportations (Record numbers);

  • Workplace Raids (Renamed “employer audits”);

  • The Wall (Spending billions to create a monument to our arrogance.);

  • Secure Communities (So people who are not documented have to fear the local the police);

  • Not resolving the status of undocumented residents;

  • Not passing the Dream Act;

  • Not teaching new immigrants the language and the cultural rules;

  • Not welcoming more educated immigrants;

  • Not allowing a cyclical flow of seasonal farm workers.

Since I first wrote this list, in May 2012, President Obama has corrected one of the items.  His Deferred Action Program for young people has substantially implemented most of the goals of the Dream Act.  Now, there are rumors that Secure Communities, a program encouraging local police to turn in people they suspect of being poorly documented, is going to be rolled back.  This would be good news for the millions currently forced to live in the shadows. But the detentions continue and the number of deportations set another record in fiscal 2012.

The President has promised that once the “fiscal cliff” is avoided he will introduce Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  I hope that it humanely addresses all of the issues listed above, and that the Republicans are not foolish enough to attempt to block its passage.

Next: a list of "What We Can Do Better on Immigration.”