The Tide Has Turned

Friday, 24 August 2012 18:49

The “Dreamers” are safe. Even if there is a Republican sweep in 2012, the deferred action policy that reflects so effectively the goodwill and generous character of the American people will not be overturned.



The American people don't like illegal immigration, but neither do they want to punish children for the sins of their parents. Deferred Action is a step toward allowing all of the undocumented to stay.

Last week in a blog post titled, “Treating the Symptoms,” I suggested that perhaps the tide is turning on immigration. After seven years of unrelenting bad news from Federal and State Governments, President Obama announced The deferred action program for young, undocumented immigrants. This wise and generous program that was announced in June went into effect last week with hardly a peep from the anti-immigrant side.

A PAC led by Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of AZ sb1070, that is raising money to oppose the Deferred Action program seems to be getting very little traction. Even Mitt Romney supports this compassionate approach, stating on his Website that "...young illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children should have the chance to become permanent residents, and eventually citizens...”

Advocates for the undocumented gave up trying for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) a few years ago, instead focusing their efforts on a pathway to citizenship for children who were brought here as minors. After the “Dream Act” failed in the final days of the last legislative session, and following another eighteen months of equivocating, President Obama issued the executive order granting deferred action to qualified Dreamers.

So although the “Dreamers” are safe, the deportations continue for their parents. Currently there aren't enough visas for seasonal and highly skilled workers, or for family reunification. It is time to reform our immigration codes so that more people can achieve the dream. The debate should not be about how to stop people moving here illegally; it should be about how we can once again be a beacon of freedom and hope to the world.