Deferred Action Numbers

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 14:55

According to an estimate by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) as many as 1.7 million young people could receive relief from deportation and work permits through President Obama's deferred action initiative.

The new number is 300,000 higher than previous estimated because the DHS guidelines will allow young people who don't have High School diplomas to re-enroll in school and become eligible.

Read the details of MPI's analysis here.

Read the DHS guidelines here

The big negatives to this program are the $465 filing fee, the political uncertainty caused by the program being based on the Presidents directive not on an act of Congress and the feeling expressed by some that to be eligible they have to list and give details on their relatives as undocumented adults to a DHS that has deported the most people in history.

People of good will can help mitigate the effect of the filing fee by contributing to immigrant aid groups that will be assisting young people scrape together the money.  The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Los Angeles (CHIRLA) is my personal choice.