Four Reasons Latino's Should Not Support Obama

Monday, 07 May 2012 12:21

Four Reasons Latinos Should Not Support President Obama

  1. Deportations. President Obama's administration has deported more than 1,000,000 people in three years. The most ever by far.
  2. Second Class Citizens. The administration's S-Comm program has turned local police into an instrument of terror against brown people.
  3. Job Losses. The Obama administration's employer audits (workplace raids renamed) are costing more than ten thousand hard working Latino workers their jobs every month.
  4. Broken Promises. Candidate Obama said: “ In my first one hundred days as President I will introduce CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform)” The reality is that in his first two years as president, when his party controlled both houses of Congress, CIR was not introduced. The Dream Act was only voted on in the Senate after the midterm election and was defeated because four Democrat Senators voted against it.

Tell President Obama: “Talk is Cheap”

“Hablar es Facil.”











President Reagan passed IRCA in 1984 and more than two million undocumented immigrants started on the road to citizenship.

President Bush introduced CIR in 2006 that included amnesty and guest workers. It was defeated in the then Democrat controlled House of Representatives. 

President Obama said he would help immigrants and has done less than nothing.

Ask yourself: Who is playing politics with immigration? Don't let Democrat politicians continue to play politics with your lives.