Poco a Poco

Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:00

On immigration President Obama has acted legally and effectively.  In their rhetoric against this new deferred action the anti-immigrant conservatives are to quote Macbeth: "Full of sound and fury.  Signifying nothing."

They lost this battle when they didn't stop the same action in 2012 for the "dreamers." Their opposition to that executive action was muted because the public thought of the dreamers as a very sympathetic group.  But that left the door open for the President to give roughly the same deal to another and almost equally sympathetic group, the parents of US citizens.
It was a brilliant strategy and the Rational Immigration Movement applauds the President and his allies for it. The Republicans will calm down, no large bad consequences will result form this action and then before he leaves office perhaps the president will finish the task by giving all of the other undocumented who have been here five years and have a sponsor deferred action. Poco a Poco my friends. Poco a Poco.