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Sanctuary Cities are good for us all. Don't let the shouters win. Human dignity is at stake.

President Obama's courageous executive action for the undocumented could signal the tipping point on American's attitude about immigration.


Arizona started processing driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants on Monday, December 22. CALIFORNIA will start on January 2nd!

This has been an amazing year
in immigration reform --

MIGRATION ISSUES AROUND THE WORLD. Here are 5 of the Top 10 for 2014. 5 more to come later this week, so stay tuned .......
Top 10 Migration Issues of 2014
In this edition of the Migration Information Source’s annual Top 10 migration issues of the year, Migration Policy Institute experts analyze key immigration developments and trends that occurred around the globe during 2014. The countdown to No. 1 more at

For ten years Rational Immigration has been saying that the best solution to the United States immigration issues is to allow lots of immigration while ensuring that most new immigrants don’t become burdens on society.

On immigration President Obama has acted legally and effectively.  In their rhetoric against this new deferred action the anti-immigrant conservatives are to quote Macbeth: "Full of sound and fury.  Signifying nothing."

“Us” versus “Them”

In the 1970′s Henri Tajfela social psychologist at Bristol University conducted a series of amazing experiments about prejudice. What he learned was that ordinary people have an automatic bias toward “us” and against “them.” This applies even when the “us” is assigned randomly by the throw of a dice. Prejudice, he discovered, is cognitively deep-seated and is not a result of personality factors. Understanding this “in group” bias is helpful when devising strategies to counteract reflexive bias against immigrants who are almost always considered to be outsiders.

In 1974 when I moved from Massachusetts to California I didn't have to ask permission from either Massachusetts or California.  Compare that to a story I read this morning about people from Cuba who went to Ecuador on tourist visas and then made their way overland to the USA.  Cuba would not give them permission to move to the USA but the USA gives all Cubans permission to stay if they can get here. Twenty thousand people followed this tortuous path last year.

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