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Let's be realistic the 100% Democrat government of 2009 to 2011 did not pass CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform), the divided Congress since then did not pass CIR and it is extremely unlikely that CIR will pass now with Republicans majorities in both houses of Congress.

Richard Nadler who runs the American Majority Foundation has written an article in National Review that makes a practical argument that conservatives should support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The NYT and the LAT both reported this week that the Obama administration will propose Immigration Reform legislation in May.  The proposed legislation will, according to the LAT story; “control immigration and make it an orderly system.”  Additionally it will provide a path to citizenship for the 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country.  A story in the LAT last week speculated that the proposed legislation might sacrifice future legal immigration as a compromise to gain legal status for the people already here.  
Radical Immigration would like to remind the Obama administration that we got into the “illegal” immigrant situation we are in now because the Reagan amnesty in 1986 made the same compromise.  Restricting immigration is incompatible with the freedoms that Americans claim and that the world aspires to.  To restrict immigration we have to build more walls, hire more paramilitaries, increase inspections, threaten more raids and tear families apart.  There is another choice:  Allow responsible people the right to move to the USA  if they fulfill some obligations to show there desire to be here and that they will not be a burden. 

The politics of immigration is a complicated labyrinth.  The players try to balance the needs of their constituencies with the possible.  In an article titled “Unions agree on path for immigration reform” the LA Times reported that the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win Federation support legislation that legalizes the 12 million undocumented people currently in the country and kick the issue of the level of future immigration down the road by proposing appointing a commission.  This may serve their constituencies and be politically possible but it is unethical.  People should have the right to live where they choose not just those who got here before a certain date.

The first article posted on this new platform for Radical Immigration was about Professor Kevin Johnson .  It was a pleasure to find that he is still active in the immigration rights community as one of the editors of the ImmigrationProf Blog .  Another contributor to the blog is Professor Bill Hing the author of Deporting our Souls a book that we reviewed on Amazon.  It is exciting to find these connections.  To often it seems that the only voices that are heard in the immigration debate are the shrill antis and the special interests.

In a book published in October 2006: Deporting Our Souls.... Values, Morality and Immigration Policy, Bill Ong Hing makes a very strong case for a much more humane immigration policy in the United States.

Hing who is on the faculty at UC Davis Law School argues that we need a new approach to immigration: "My solution is simple." He writes. "Calm down. Welcome undocumented workers...." His is a refreshing voice in a storm of fear. He uses lots of examples showing how the US's past immigration policy has mistreated people. He also shows how applications of the same policies are effecting people today. One example he uses is how Operation Gatekeeper, which sealed the border near El Paso drove the migrants into the Arizona desert where thousands have died.

The American Friends Service Committee has recently published a report titled  A New Path, Toward a Humane Immigration Policy.   You can download a copy by going to their web site .

The Friends (sometimes called the Quakers) were one of the earliest groups to be active in the fight against slavery that began in the late 1700's.  The movie Amazing Grace tells the compelling story of the Quaker MP William Wilberforce and his 30 year struggle to end the British slave trade.  Would the Friends in the USA in 1845 have published a report titled "A New Path: Toward a Humane Slavery Policy?


Three New Ideas in One Book

In The Birthright Lottery Ayelet Shachar develops three arguments that will have a positive and profound effect on the struggle for more people to gain the legal right to migrate.  The book is a series of legal arguments that are easy to follow, convincing and well footnoted.  If you are interested in the immigration debate this book belongs on your shelf between Bill Ong Hing’s Deporting our Souls and Lant Pritchett’s Let Their People Come .  

Yesterday the Pat Brown Institute held a panel discussion at CSULA that asked the question “Are We on the Way to Immigration Reform?” It took a while for the panel to get around to discussing the actual topic but when they did they all seemed to concur that the ambitious agenda that President Obama had agreed to for getting Immigration Reform passed this year is going to slip.  It was a diverse panel with Nancy Ramirez of MALDEF on the left and Ira Mehlman of FAIR on the right.  The other two panelists Ruth Milkman of UCLA and Gary Toebbsen of the LA Chamber of Commerce were in roughly the sensible center.
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If you audit an employer about the immigration status of his employees you can pretend that you are going after the employer but in fact you will cause untold harm to the employees who don't have good documents. 

There is no way that an audit can be enforced against an employer without hurting thousands of employees.  This is a devastating move.   I hope that it is an unintentional mistake by the Obama administration.  Perhaps Janet Napolitano doesn't understand that employer audits are a weapon invented by ICE to force working people out of the country.  This idea if allowed to be continue could cause 60,000 people to lose their jobs in the LA area.  These are people who already live on the margin now they will be forced to starve or leave the country.


It is time to go to the streets against ICE.  They have fooled the Obama Administration.  These audits are an escalation of the horrible enforcement actions of the Bush Administration.

LA Times Story July 1, 2009