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To read the news you would think that the arrival this year of about a hundred thousand unaccompanied minors from Central America is a huge crisis. Calm down, this is not even a small crisis. It is a tiny, one time event, that has been going on for a few years, it is almost over and is not likely to be repeated.

In the next few weeks President Obama will announce some changes to his enforcement of our nations immigration laws. The change will allow millions of people to come out of the shadows and live more normal lives. Like work legally, pay taxes, call the police and take drives tests.


President Obama takes a lot of heat from both sides of the immigration debate. One side accuses him of increasing deportations and the other side says he is giving a rolling amnesty. Here is a case where he has done a very good thing for a very large number of immigrants and been given very little credit.

Politics is an ugly process to watch. 
Ethics and kindness are often set aside in the quest for power.

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