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"If the U.S. were to design an immigration policy from scratch that

would most hurt growth it would be much like our current one."

Rich Karlgaard

Publisher Forbes Magazine

"If the U.S. were to design an immigration policy from scratch that

would most hurt the poorest people in the world it would be much like our current one."

Simon Burrow

Founder Rational Immigration (the 1% solution)

"The unease over illegal immigration is, at its heart, cultural."

Jill Wilson
Columnist in the New Republic
Immigration reform remain an elusive idea.  The Dream Act failed late in the Democrat Congress of 2010 when 4 Democrat Senators voted against it.  Comprehensive Immigration reform has not been reintroduced since the plan proposed by George Bush in 2006 was soundly defeated.  His plan included an amnesty and a guest worker program and was therefore opposed by both extremes.  Now there is an attempt by Senator Marco Rubio to pass an incremental Dream Act that will almost certainly go nowhere.  It is being opposed by Democrats who would rather have a campaign issue than help some of the young people who are suffering from these odd laws.  And this mornings WSJ reported that two Senators are teaming up to try and get an expansion of the H1-B (skilled worker) Visa program added onto The Startup Act.  It will probably be defeated because Democrat Senators want to make an expansion of skilled worker visas part of a broad overhaul of immigration laws.
If this sounds familiar it should.  These are the same arguments and political manipulations that have been going on for the last twenty years.  The only thing that has changed is the facts on the ground.  The surge of immigrants from Mexico is almost over.  The lower birthrate in the USA has changed the economics of immigration and a generation of young people have grown up in cities with multicultural, cosmopolitian populations.  My prediction is that the days of immigration as a divisive political issue are coming to an end.

On May 19 in 1921, Congress passed, and President Warren G. Harding signed, the Emergency Quota Act,

Four Reasons Latinos Should Not Support President Obama

  1. Deportations. President Obama's administration has deported more than 1,000,000 people in three years. The most ever by far.
  2. Second Class Citizens. The administration's S-Comm program has turned local police into an instrument of terror against brown people.
  3. Job Losses. The Obama administration's employer audits (workplace raids renamed) are costing more than ten thousand hard working Latino workers their jobs every month.
  4. Broken Promises. Candidate Obama said: “ In my first one hundred days as President I will introduce CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform)” The reality is that in his first two years as president, when his party controlled both houses of Congress, CIR was not introduced. The Dream Act was only voted on in the Senate after the midterm election and was defeated because four Democrat Senators voted against it.

Tell President Obama: “Talk is Cheap”

“Hablar es Facil.”











President Reagan passed IRCA in 1984 and more than two million undocumented immigrants started on the road to citizenship.

President Bush introduced CIR in 2006 that included amnesty and guest workers. It was defeated in the then Democrat controlled House of Representatives. 

President Obama said he would help immigrants and has done less than nothing.

Ask yourself: Who is playing politics with immigration? Don't let Democrat politicians continue to play politics with your lives.

    • Talk about “illegal immigration” in the past tense. Say: “We should never have allowed all of those undocumented to come in during the Clinton and Bush years. Now we have to do something about it, that doesn't make us look to history as bad as FDR does for locking up the Japanese-Americans during WWII"

It turns out that the administrative review of open deportation cases promised by the President last Fall has not been very effective.

In June 1924, Congress passed a measure that was then signed by President Calvin Coolidge guaranteeing full American citizenship for all Native Americans born within U.S. territorial limits.

Work permits for “dreamers” is a political masterstroke. It allows President Obama to cement the Hispanic vote more securely in his coalition and at the same time paints the Republicans as not caring about children. It also takes a tiny step in the direction of fixing our countries biggest current immigration problem: What to do about the twelve million people who are here without documentation?

Written by Simon  
All of the physical barriers between the countries of Europe have been taken down.  This includes countries that are not part of the European Union like Switzerland.  What wonderful news for those of us who don't want an armed border with Mexico. 
It can be done.