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CHIRLA has prepared an excellent flow chart that graphically explains who is eligible for Deferred Action.

According to an estimate by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) as many as 1.7 million young people could receive relief from deportation and work permits through President Obama's deferred action initiative.

Deferred Action for young people who were bought to the United States as minors is an important fix to one of the ugly consequences of our bad immigration policy.

The “Dreamers” are safe. Even if there is a Republican sweep in 2012, the deferred action policy that reflects so effectively the goodwill and generous character of the American people will not be overturned.


"The right to go where you want should be a principle in a decent world."

Noam Chomsky

Yesterday, an intelligent young woman asked me, “What is the purpose of a country if its citizens can't decide who gets to move here?


Immigration has always been a hot-button issue. This is the story of California’s reaction to a previous wave of immigration.


Maya Angelou wrote, "The needs of society determine its ethics.” Are the nation’s ethics about immigration changing? Do a society’s ethics really evolve in response to its needs?

Historically, tribal groups and sovereign states had good reasons to restrict immigration, among them, there wasn't enough food for everyone.

In 1882 Congress overwhelmingly passed and President Chester Arthur signed into law the Chinese Exclusion Act. About the only opposition to the bill came from Senator George

Congratulations on your win in this year’s presidential election.  Now is the time to live up to your commitments to the Hispanic community.